Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Does your child have difficulty with focus and or hyperactivity?

Are you looking for an alternative to prescription medications to help your child?


The CDC estimates that at least 7% of school aged children suffer from attention deficit disorder and as many as 5 million children are taking medication to treat it. Although stimulant medications can be effective for some children, they are not always and they can sometimes cause dangerous side effects. Some children who take stimulant medications experience insomnia, anxiety, aggression, stunted growth, and weight loss. There is also concern that long term use of stimulant medications may increase risk of drug dependence and depression.

Fortunately, prescription medication is not the only option for helping your child. Numerous studies have shown that dietary changes and correcting nutritional imbalances can have an effect on improving attention and behavioral symptoms.

By testing for food sensitivities, nutritional imbalances, and impairment in brain signaling chemicals we can develop a plan for your child composed of an optimal diet and nutritional supplementation.

Why let your child go through another school year struggling? Call today to schedule an appointment so that we can put together and comprehensive individualized plan for your child.


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