About Dr. Knight

sashi_s_wedding_and_30th_bday_062_crop_2s6iDr. Peter Knight is a licensed doctor of naturopathic medicine specializing in nutritional and holistic treatment approaches to chronic health conditions. He received both his Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Health Sciences and his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. After spending many summers in Maine as a child, Dr. Knight was excited to settle and establish his practice in the Portland area.

Dr. Knight came to his current profession through his love for cooking and his belief in the healing properties of food. Through laboratory testing and a thorough understating of the patient and patient history, Dr. Knight investigates factors that may be impeding the healing process. He works with patients to support the body’s innate healing abilities for conditions as wide ranging as ADHD, IBS, arthritis and allergies. His approach combines both food recommendations and nutritional supplementation to treat the whole person.

vigo_week_1_005_60j4_xjp2When not seeing patients, Dr. Knight is most likely to be found tending to his expansive vegetable garden, working in his beehives, or concocting something delicious (he hopes!) in the kitchen. He resides in South Portland with his wife Alex, eight year old twin sons Liam and Eli, dog Mazie,  cat Oolie, rabbit Perry, and six chickens. Dr. Knight is an avid music and NPR listener and finds immense joy in a reading the Sunday New York Times and drinking a good cup of coffee.